What happens if the weather is bad on the day of the excursion?

In case of bad weather or sea conditions that make it impossible to carry out the contracted activity, a new date will be agreed. If this is not possible, the full amount of the reservation will be returned. It will be always the Skipper who determines if the conditions are adequate, being the safety and enjoyment of our clients the most important aspects.

How are photos and videos received from GoPro® cameras?

Through a download link that is sent to the e-mail address used in the reservation.

Are there stops to swim, snorkel and visit the beaches?

Yes, of course. Throughout our tours, stops are made to swim, snorkel and visit the beaches at the main points of interest, with the possibility of customising the time and places where these stops are made.

Is it mandatory to bathe or snorkel?

Of course not. You can stay on the boat while the stops are made enjoying the wonderful landscape that surrounds us.

Is there music on the boat? Can I put my own music?

We have a stereo on the boat. Through bluetooth connection you can enjoy your favorite songs.

Can I bring my mask, snorkel and fins?

Yes, of course. We recommend that you use your own snorkel equipment. Our equipment is clean and disinfected, so if you need it, it is ready to use.

Can I bring food or drink?

Yes, of course. In all our excursions a tasting of typical and artisan products of Menorca is offered, as well as a variety of cold drinks. And if you want to bring something else we are happy to provide you with utensils (glasses, plates, cutlery or bottle coolers).

Is it possible to collect sand, stones or shells?

No, all our excursions take place within the Marine Reserve of the north of Menorca and it is forbidden to take sand, stones or shells.

Can I wear shoes on the boat?

No, on the boat you will always go barefoot.

Is there a toilet on the boat?

Yes, of course. Our boat has a clean and disinfected toilet after each use.

Can I change my clothes on the boat?

Yes, of course. Our boat has a small cabin to put on or take off the swimsuit.

Is petrol included in the price of the excursions?

Yes, of course. Our prices are "all inclusive", without surprises and without extras.

Is it a suitable activity for children and families?

Yes, of course. The little ones in the house are the ones who enjoy the most!

Is it a suitable activity for couples?

Yes, of course. There is nothing more romantic than a boat trip!

Is it a suitable activity for groups of friends?

Yes, of course. The best experience to share!

Is it a suitable activity for business trips?

Yes, of course. We can offer you different proposals to develop team building or simply chill and amuse.